We’re never poor as long as we have popcorn.

We’ve repeated that motto many times throughout our marriage. We’ve seen tough times. We’ve been discouraged, disheartened, even depressed. We’ve postponed budgeting just because we can’t handle more bad news. So when the going gets tough, the tough make popcorn.

That’s how we know we’re not poor. If we look in the pantry and find a jar of popcorn kernels, everything will be just fine. Because it doesn’t matter how bad things get, we can pop up a batch of comfort corn, forget our troubles, and laugh all our cares away.

Popcorn is cheap. I mean cheap like inexpensive. Not cheap like me. I’m the kind of cheap that can’t stomach the idea of laying down 20 bucks for a bucket of fake butter movie theater popcorn. Or 8 bucks for a 3 ounce bag of stale popcorn from the grocery store. Nope, I want my popcorn cheap and fresh and yummy. Cooked over the stove in a little olive oil and salt. At the going price, I can pop enough popcorn for the whole family to snack on for around 40 cents a batch. That’s like getting that huge bucket from the theater, trading out all the nasty fattening ingredients for healthier, tastier, crunchier, nuttier goodness, with a $19.60 rebate.

Popcorn is the kind of snack that brings people together. It symbolizes the simple gifts of life. It’s hard to feel down in the mouth when that mouth is wrapped around a handful of pure crunchy satisfaction. Popcorn stimulates the conversation. It enhances the movie. It intensifies the game. You just can’t eat popcorn with someone and not feel the bond.

I love popcorn. Even those pesky kernel skins that get caught in my teeth. Dislodging popcorn remnants with a hyperactive tongue is great exercise. Some days, that’s the only workout I get. Besides, the popcorn industry keeps the dental floss industry afloat. That’s great for the economy, right?

Anyway, popcorn is cool and all, but what does this blog have to do with the price of corn in Kansas? In my last post, I mentioned we will be starting a Youtube channel all about family. We figured eating popcorn each episode would be a nifty activity that might help us act a little more naturally with a camera looking up our noses. After all, I can’t think of a better symbol for family togetherness than the magic of popcorn. We will try out different popcorn recipes and share them with the Cufflinks Family. I think it’ll be fun.

But wait, there’s more! We got to thinking about it, and realized that there isn’t a popcorn popper on the planet that we really like. I mean really, really like. Popping corn is almost as fun as eating it (almost). We searched for a superlative popping experience, and couldn’t find one. So, we rolled up our sleeves and went to work inventing a better popper. What we came up with is the only stovetop popcorn-majigger that can be operated with one hand. All it takes is a few squeezes of a groovy little handle and the popcorn gets stirred and popped to perfection. For perfect, fresh, hand-squeezed popcorn every time. It’s called…wait for it…drum roll please…the Pop-It-All!

But wait, there’s even more! We expanded our design to the great outdoors. We invented the only popcorn maker with an internal stirring mechanism that can be heated over a campfire. Now that’s beyond cool! It’s cool AND nerdy. Ok, maybe it’s just nerdy, but that’s cool, right?
So, we’ve got the stovetop Pop-It-All and the campfire Pop-It-All. I can’t wait to introduce them to you. Right now, we’re in the early stages of prototyping, but we’re hoping to launch in time for camping season next year. We call our company Popcorn Tree, and we plan to bring many more popcorn products to market in the future.

Why? Because we believe popcorn is a great, affordable way to bring families together. That’s our mission. Popcorn Tree sales support the Cufflinks Project (which you can read more about in my previous post). Cufflinks is all about family.

How can you support the Cufflinks mission? Follow us on social media. Tell your friends about us. Stay tuned. When we launch our new products, please consider buying and sharing and popping and munching and talking and laughing. And you’ll find out that you’re never poor as long as you have popcorn.