Family Portrait

So, this is our blog.

I don’t really know how to start. But blogs always begin somewhere, right? I suppose I’ll begin with introductions.

I’m Caleb. My beautiful, amazing, brilliant, adorable wife is Pam. We’ve been married for nearly 18 years (has it really been that long?). Somewhere in that time we managed to bring four wonderful children into the world.

Nathan is our oldest at 13. He is super involved. He plays cello for orchestra, bass for jazz band, and piano for his family. He loves to act and sing. And scouts. He loves being a Boy Scout. Not sure where he gets that from, but he is a total scout nerd. Maybe it’s scout geek—I don’t know—I’ll ask him. Ok, Nathan says scout nerd. He also said the correct terms are: band geek, drama kid, and orchedork. Whatevs.

Tommy is 11. He is nearly as busy as Nathan. They have been in several plays together. Tommy plays piano and trumpet. He is also trying to learn guitar. He likes scouts too. He’s a bit of a daredevil. About a month ago he jumped his grandpa’s four-wheeler into a canal. Totaled the machine, but he and his cousin on the back swam out unscathed. Good thing Tommy keeps us laughing. He needs that little talent sometimes. He’s actually pretty hilarious. That’s one reason he makes friends so easily. Tommy’s a really great friend.

Miriam comes next. She’s 7 and super sweet. She always has a kind word or a hug waiting for us when we’re having a bad day. She and her sister are involved in Girl Scouts. Miriam is a talented little artist who loves to make crafts in school and 4H. One of her favorite things to do is color intricate adult coloring books. She also loves to stage puppet shows for the family. Miriam wants to be a dancer. She is very graceful. I wish we had the time and money to put her into dance lessons.

Katie is the baby of the family. She’s 5 going on 23. She’s an entertainer. Katie has a great little singing voice and we love to hear her make up songs and watch her dance all over the house. She has perfected her cartwheel. She’s also learning piano like her siblings. She loves to play dress up and pretend to be anything from a dainty princess to a hungry caterpillar. Katie has a big wit and an easy laugh.

Oh, and also we have a dog. His name is Miles. He doesn’t do much.

I work in a vocational training/rehabilitation program. I train people on proper work behaviors and help them get ready to find better work. It is a very challenging and very rewarding job. I love it.

Pam works for Mayo Clinic as a Medical Transcriptionist. She is blessed to work from home doing something that makes a difference in the world. She usually works when I’m off and vice-versa. So, we don’t get to see much of each other. But that makes the time we do spend together much sweeter.

When we do have time together, Pam and I are building a small business. It’s very time-consuming and challenging. More on that later.

That’s us in a nutshell. We’ve got our share of challenges and problems. But overall, life is good. We love each other and we’re generally happy.

So, this is our blog. Hope you enjoy!