Big announcement today!!!

First off, we’ve been busy. Frankly, we’ve neglected the website. Sorry. But, oh my goodness, we’ve had a lot going on!

We are so proud to announce that we just finalized the design for a NEW CARD GAME that supports our purpose at Cufflinks: to get people talking.

The new game is called…wait for it…

CUFFLINKS CHALLENGE! (Haha, spoiler was in the title)

Cufflinks Challenge is a collection of 108 cards. Each card has 2 prompts on it. This is how to play (stolen from the official game rules):


  1. Each player draws a card before gameplay begins. This gives people plenty of time to prepare for the big moment when they’ll share a super unboring story.
  2. Decide who goes first by voting on whose outfit most closely resembles the room decor. If you didn’t want to go first, maybe you shouldn’t have worn a shirt that looks like wallpaper.


  1. Choose 1 of the 2 prompts on your card. If you have trouble reading the second prompt, simply turn the card upside-down. See? Magic!
  2. Tell an off-the-cuff story inspired by the prompt you chose. Make it a really good story, because you’re about to get some fierce competition.


  1. Other players can relate additional stories to the conversation. To indicate they have a story to share, players call out, “LINK!” Players should not call out unless they believe they can top the previous story. If you don’t have the best story to share, the player who does is going to get an extra point because you called out. We built this lovely feature in to save our players from boring stories. You’re welcome.
  2. Players who called “LINK!” now take turns sharing their stories. 


  1. Everyone votes for their favorite storyteller. They may choose from the cardholder or any of the players that called out, “LINK!” Players may not choose themselves, because that would pretty much be cheating and no one likes a cheaterpants.
  2. The newly-elected story boss is awarded 1 point for every player who competed in the conversation. In other words, the winner of that card gets 1 point for the original cardholder, and 1 point for each player who called, “LINK!” That’s why you don’t want to call out “LINK!” unless you have a pretty good story. 


  1. Track and tally points. Remember, only one player will be awarded points for each prompt discussed. 
  2.  The player with the most overall points wins the game. But of course, you’ll want to play again because Cufflinks is the best game ever.

We’ve all been lost in a great conversation. You know the kind. Someone has their hand on the doorknob, insisting they’ve gotta go, but no one stops talking. The dialogue organically moves from one immersive story to another. At some point someone might say something like, “Wait, how did we get on this subject?”
“Remember?” comes the reply, “you were talking about your trip to New York, and then we started comparing New York hot dogs to Chicago dogs, and then I told you about my dog, Buster, who ate that entire bag of asparagus and had horrible gas for a week, and you said, speaking of gas, your gas bill is so high because your mother-in-law always keeps the thermostat turned up like a sauna, and I told you about my neighbor’s sauna that blocks my view of the garden, and you talked about your gardening accident and we started comparing scars and I showed you my scar from when I was bit by a monkey, and we debated whether chimps are considered monkeys, and you told me about how you met that chimp that went into outer space and then we had that great talk about the cosmos, and that turned into an argument about the origins of the universe…”
“Oh yeah! How was your trip to New York?”
From the Big Apple to the Big Bang. Conversations like that are the best, right? Every story builds off a simple topic. Hot dogs, gardening, monkeys, outer space. Each topic prompts another story, and another, and another.
But how do you start a great dialogue like that? Most of the classic conversation starters just don’t work very well.
Let’s say, for example, you are asked to share something interesting about yourself. How do you answer? If you’re like most people, you frantically search your memory for some golden nugget of wit. You probably panic when you realize everything you thought of seems lame, conceited, or humiliating. Maybe you deflect the question with some trite phrase such as, “Oh there’s nothing to tell, really. I’m not very interesting.” When you realize your feigned humility fooled no one, you might follow up with the real answer. But no matter how hard you try, your answer still seems lame, conceited, or humiliating.
Most people feel this way. Why? Because asking people to share something interesting about themselves is a lousy conversation starter. The topic is too broad. People are afraid they’ll say too much. Or too little. Maybe they’ll embarrass themselves. So they play it safe. And playing it safe can only lead to one thing: a boring conversation.
The same holds true for topics of conversation that are too specific. We’ve all heard questions like this: “If you were stuck on an island, and could only bring one thing with you, what would it be and why?” Answers to such impossible scenarios range from mundane to bizarre, but they do relatively little to help us get to know each other. If we’re lucky, they might lead to a semi-stimulating conversation about tropical survival skills. More likely, they’ll just leave us pondering why carry-on baggage requirements are so strict for desert island banishments.
So, if typical conversation starters don’t work, what is the answer? We believe the best way to start a good conversion is Cufflinks Challenge: Off-The-Cuff Stories That Link People Together. Incidentally, we also think this game would be the best thing to bring to a lonely island.
You see, Cufflinks Challengemight be considered an essential survival tool. It could unlock a treasure trove of memories and imagination, keeping poor castaways from dying of boredom. It might even protect a player from strange, reclusive behavior such as befriending a volleyball.
The game is remarkably versatile. It can be used as an effective ice breaker, a fun party game, a romantic date activity, or the genesis of a compelling life history. Virtually any number of players of virtually any age may play with virtually any degree of virtue. It can be played virtually anywhere, even virtually.

Play the game or just use the prompts as great conversation starters. It’s so fun just to sit around and tell stories.

We have been married for nearly 20 years, and we became friends back in 8th grade. We thought we knew every story each other had to tell. Then we played Cufflinks Challenge. It’s like we’re getting to know each other all over again.

We’re just know you’re going to LOVE Cufflinks Challenge. Watch for our Kickstarter campaign soon. Can’t wait to get this on the market!