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August 2020


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APR 24 2020 They called it The Monarch of the Forest. This was no ordinary tree. Local Indian tribes had held war councils and powwows under her branches for ages. The tree was sacred to them. They took good care of it. So, during a special powwow celebrating a war victory, the sagamores ordered a dead branch removed. With a carefully tended fire, they charred the branch near the trunk. Over the decades that followed, the remnant of the limb, on the Northeast side of the tree, decayed. Wind, rain, heat, and frost worked on that scar, until a deep [...]


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APR 23 2020 Yesterday I posted a newspaper clipping about my great grandparents, who were married in a living room by Elder W.T. Turpin. Today I share the newspaper article about her parents, who... get this... were married in a living room by Reverend W.T. Turpin. I wonder how many marriage ceremonies that guy performed?? ? I'm going to get a little vulnerable here, and talk about something that is very special to me. I hope you'll treat it with respect. It isn't intended as a sermon, but as a way to share an important part of my life.? ? [...]


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APR 21 2020 There were about 300 of us. That was a large graduating class for our community. Most of us were friends. The band geeks cheered the sports teams on. The cheerleaders supported the high school musicals. The jocks stood up for the nerds. Even the stoners and the loners were welcome at any lunch table.? ? What about gangs? There was a gang of tough boys called The Amigos. They ruled the school, committing random acts of kindness wherever they went.? ? If it all seems a bit idyllic, that's because it was. At least, that's how I [...]


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APR 20 2020 Congratulations to the class of 2020! I know it's hard right now. You should be having the time of your life, and instead you're inside barricaded against a plague. Hopefully you can see how much the world loves you. We care. We stand by you. ? ? Here's Pam's beautiful senior picture. Pam and I graduated together (class of '96). We're old geezers now. I've gotten fat and bald, but my sweetheart is more beautiful than ever. She just gets better with age.? ? Listen, don't let Corona Virus get you down. Don't let anything or anyone [...]


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APR 19 2020 Hello everyone! Pam here. We are continually on the lookout for creative ideas that will help our children get excited and involved with family history. We would love to hear about your efforts also!? ? Maybe it's because we've been stuck at home, but I was fascinated this week about the idea of tracking the locations of where our ancestors have lived so that we can plan to visit those locations someday. In our travels, we have often wished we knew if we had any ancestors who lived nearby. We have also wished we had a better [...]


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APR 17 2020 [Warning: This is a happy-ending-less post. Reader discretion advised.]? ? ? Henry's mental health continued to plummet. Fits of rage. Irrational fears. Alcoholism. Despondency. Frequent migraines. Malnourishment.? ? Society gossip said Lincoln's death had turned Henry into a madman. After all, they reasoned, Lincoln's own widow had gone crazy. ? ? Early morning. 1883. 2 days till Christmas. Henry. Pale. Pallid. Pasty. Slender. Slim. Slight. Grim. Gruesome. Grisly.? ? Henry emerged from his solitary shadows. He entered his wife's bedroom. He told her he wanted to be with the children. Confused, Clara reminded him how extremely early [...]


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APR 16 2020 Henry blamed himself. He was a trusted army officer. Trained. Tested. Proven. How then could he have let President Lincoln die mere feet away?? ? His fiance Clara had worn a white dress the night of the assassination. A relic of a nightmare, caked with Henry's blood. And yet, she held onto it. In fact, she even wore it again to pose for a photograph.? ? She took the dress with her to the family's summer home in Albany. There it hung, in a closet, exactly 1 year after Lincoln's demise. That night, she claimed, Clara awoke [...]


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APR 15 2020? Henry's mother had married Clara's father. Henry and Clara grew up together. Like brother and sister. Like Marcia and Greg Brady. ? ? Then they fell in love.? ? Their engagement was postponed when Henry joined the Union Army to fight in the Civil War.? ? Henry and Clara were friends with the Lincolns. Mary Lincoln invited them to join her and the President for an evening out. They would see a show. At Ford's Theatre.? ? Abraham Lincoln was shot. ? ? The assassin, John Wilkes Booth, tried to run. Henry chased him. Caught him. Fought [...]


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APR 13 2020 Remember when we used to go outside? Remember when we used to sit close to other people? Me neither. This is my 3rd Great Grandparents' family reunion. Edwin Whiting died in 1890, so this was taken before then. And it seems that long since I got together with other people. Tell us about a reunion that was special to you. Today's cufflink is: REUNION. @ Springville, Utah


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APR 12 2020 Happy Easter! Pam here. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend in whatever ways you may celebrate. Over the years we have tried to make our holidays more meaningful than just candy (although we certainly enjoy that aspect). We try to find different ways to draw closer as a family and focus on what is important to us. Today we put a fun twist on the traditional Easter egg hunt. The eggs had candy in them, but also many of the eggs had little pictures of our family, starting with our children and going back 5 generations. We [...]

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