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September 2020


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MAY 9 2020 My kindergarten teacher gave us a challenge: tell your mother you love her. And tell her she's pretty.? ? "What if my mom's not pretty?" some kid asked.? ? "She is!" Mrs. Lim said with a stern look.? Well, I'd never considered whether my mom was pretty or not. She was just my mom.? ? I went home and promptly forgot all about my assignment. ? ? The following Saturday, Mom was changing the laundry. I was helping by getting in her way.? ? I looked up at Mom in her yellow polkadot polyester shirt with a [...]


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MAY 8 2020 The best strawberries in the world come from Karen's garden. The best strawberry jam in the world comes from Karen's strawberries. ? ? We've had plenty of old cool whip or margarine containers filled with Karen's freezer jam gifted to us over the years. It's just about the most delicious thing ever!? ? Karen is a wonderful grandmother to my children and mother to my wife. She has spent her life in selfless service. ? ? I'm sure there's a special place reserved in heaven for my mother-in-law.? ? This week we honor mothers.? ? Today's cufflink [...]


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MAY 7 2020 "It was a far cry from the life in England, but she accepted it as a challenge and filled her role well. She was a hard worker and did all the crafts of a frontier homemaker expertly. Her family was known for their refined upright and general good breeding. She never lost her poise or her love for flowers, her command of the social graces or her sincere humanity. There was always a place in her home for that one who needed help. For her grandchildren there were always cookies, often made extra good with caraway seed [...]


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MAY 6 2020 "At thirty six I had eleven children, three had died in infancy. Then I was left a widow with eight children. I had my house but no income to live on. My three elder boys were grown, were working, and helping me all they could, but at the time wages were not very high and I had five others to work for and no way to earn anything but by sewing day and night never getting to bed until after twelve or one but I kept my children together and had a home for them. We were [...]


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Great article. My ancestors were there. Hard times! Sad story! Marcus Rogers Idaho State of Mind 5 May  ·  SHOSHONI AND MORMON RELATIONS IN CACHE VALLEY By Ouida Nuhn Blanthorn Chapter 111: Relations are Good, part 3 The Mormons of Cache Valley felt a responsibility to the Shoshoni, as they believed the Indians were of Israel and entitled to certain promised blessings. The leader of the Mormons, Peter Maughan, felt that the Shoshoni were put up to much mischief by other white men, when they alone would never have thought of wrong doing.[11] Often Shoshoni herded livestock for the pioneers and [...]


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MAY 5 2020 Jean was the oldest of 14 children. John was the oldest of 10. Both had helped raise their siblings. Perhaps that's why they both wanted a large family. It's what they knew. So, after they married in 1828, John and Jean had 11 children of their own.? ? 2 died in infancy.? ? Losing a day-old child was hard enough. But losing a 5-month-old was devastating.? ? John and Jean had some neighbors in Paisley, Scotland. The McCormicks and the Campbells.? ? The McCormicks were stricken with cholera. They both died, leaving a 2 year-old girl behind. [...]


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MAY 4 2020 A few of my new favorite things:? ? Spikeball. Just a really fun, portable team sport. Brought it to work the other day. Had some down time. Spikeball tournament. Great morale booster.? ? Inflatable kayaks. 2-seaters so we can paddle together. Went to the lake Saturday after work. Weather turned rough just as we got there. Still had a great time. Then we had a spikeball tourney! ? ? Home church. We've had some of the best sermons and discussions ever! We've taken turns paying the piano, leading the music, praying, preaching, etc. It's the best!? ? [...]

August 2020


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APR 27-MAY 3 2020 First off, we need to get our terminology together. Some people skip school. Others cut class. Still others play hooky, turn truant, bunk off, go AWOL, no show, ditch, steer, tail, skive, miss, desert, or escape. Any way we say it, we're talking about an unauthorized absence from school. Here in rural Idaho, we say sluff. It's the kind of word that automatically gets underlined in red by errant word processors until someone right-clicks and adds it to the dictionary. ? ? Perhaps these well-meaning spell checks would be happier with the word slough, as in [...]


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APR 26 2020 Yesterday was a cool, cloudy day. Perfect for taking a drive. And that's just what we did.? ? 2 parents, 2 boys, 2 girls, 2 dogs. 1 car.? ? We ended up at Market Lake, outside Roberts Idaho. It is a wildlife management area. A bird refuge. And let me tell ya, there's plenty of birds there. It was a beautiful drive and a lovely walk. The dogs were so happy to get out and run. It was doggie Disneyland.? ? We found an old dirt road that wound through the lava rocks next to the marsh. [...]


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APR 25 2020 1662- King Charles II grants royal charters to the New England colonies. Connecticut's charter is generous, granting dominion all the way to the Pacific Ocean, guaranteeing the colonists "all liberties and immunities" of England.? ? Charles dies suddenly in 1685. His brother James takes the throne. James II thinks his brother's charters are too liberal, so he sends an axe man to revoke them. Edmund Andros. Governor of New York. Wager to tighten imperial grip on the American colonies. He's already been trying for years to bring Connecticut into subjection.? ? 1687- Andros marches into Hartford with [...]

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