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The Couch Crew

        First off, you are what you eat. I'm a couch potato. Not that I eat sofas. Not on purpose, anyway. But perhaps a tiny bit of my DNA is made up of where I sit. Also, I'm a recliner pizza. But that's neither here nor there. It's in the living room. Anyway, I'm very good [...]

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Pains, Strains, and Automobiles

 First off, I've never owned a new car. I don't even think I've driven a new car. Heck, I'm nervous to even look at a new car. I'm afraid the dealership might charge me some unseen fee, like a cover charge, or a cleaning fee for breathing on their shiny vehicle. Truth is, on my budget, new [...]

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The Leprechaun

First off, I’ve never been particularly talented at following directions. It’s not really my thing. “Did you read the instructions?” Pam will ask. “You mean the destructions?” I’ll retort. “I don’t need some stupid directions in broken English to tell me how to assemble a simple office chair.” “You got that right,” Pam will say. “That chair [...]

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Big announcement today!!! First off, we've been busy. Frankly, we've neglected the website. Sorry. But, oh my goodness, we've had a lot going on! We are so proud to announce that we just finalized the design for a NEW CARD GAME that supports our purpose at Cufflinks: to get people talking. The new game is called...wait for [...]

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Family Portrait So, this is our blog. I don’t really know how to start. But blogs always begin somewhere, right? I suppose I’ll begin with introductions. I’m Caleb. My beautiful, amazing, brilliant, adorable wife is Pam. We’ve been married for nearly 18 years (has it really been that long?). Somewhere in that time we managed [...]

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