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Big announcement today!!! First off, we've been busy. Frankly, we've neglected the website. Sorry. But, oh my goodness, we've had a lot going on! We are so proud to announce that we just finalized the design for a NEW CARD GAME that supports our purpose at Cufflinks: to get people talking. The new game is called...wait for [...]

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Ivon Arthur Elder Life History

November 2015 Dear Family, After Mother’s (Rowene’s) death in March of 2015, I began going through her albums, journals, scrapbooks and genealogy.   Lying on the bottom of the genealogy box was this life history.  It appears to have been typed by Mother as Dad dictated it to her.  Dad’s speech patterns are very evident and [...]

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DOTTIE: Our Very First Episode

We had a problem. Ok, maybe we had several problems. We were super busy. We both worked full-time. We were buried in church responsibilities. We were raising four young children. We were potty-training a toddler and a new puppy. Pam had just finished Medical Transcription school. I was pursuing a Master’s Degree. [...]

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Let’s Talk Pop

We’re never poor as long as we have popcorn. We’ve repeated that motto many times throughout our marriage. We’ve seen tough times. We’ve been discouraged, disheartened, even depressed. We’ve postponed budgeting just because we can’t handle more bad news. So when the going gets tough, the tough make popcorn. That’s how we know we’re not poor. If [...]

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Family Portrait So, this is our blog. I don’t really know how to start. But blogs always begin somewhere, right? I suppose I’ll begin with introductions. I’m Caleb. My beautiful, amazing, brilliant, adorable wife is Pam. We’ve been married for nearly 18 years (has it really been that long?). Somewhere in that time we managed [...]

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