Congratulations on finding the best game ever! We know you will love Cufflinks Challenge. 

There are many imaginative ways to use these chat-diddly-tastic cards. We’ve outlined just a few here.


This is it! Our favorite gameplay mode. You will need at least 3 participants to play this version of Cufflinks Challenge. But the more, the merrier. Play as follows or enforce your own house rules.


• Each player draws a card before gameplay begins. This gives people plenty of time to prepare for the big moment when they’ll share a super un-boring story.
• Decide who goes first by voting on whose outfit most closely resembles the room decor. If you didn’t want to go first, maybe you shouldn’t have worn a shirt that looks like wallpaper.


• Choose 1 of 2 prompts on your card. If you have trouble reading the second prompt, simply turn the card upside-down. See? Magic!
• Tell an off-the-cuff story inspired by the prompt you chose. Make it a really good story, because you’re about to get some fierce competition.


• Other players can relate additional stories to the conversation by calling out, “LINK!” Players should not call out unless they believe they can top the previous story. If you don’t have the best story to share, the player who does is going to get an extra point because you called out. We built this lovely feature in to save our players from boring stories. You’re welcome.
• Each player who called “LINK!” shares one story related to the prompt.


• Everyone votes for their favorite storyteller. They may choose from the cardholder or any of the players that called out, “LINK!” Players may not choose themselves, because that would pretty much be cheating, and no one likes a cheater pants.
• The newly-elected story boss is awarded 1 point for every player who competed in the conversation. So, the winner of that card gets 1 point for the cardholder, and 1 point for each player who called, “LINK!” That’s why you don’t want to call out “LINK!” unless you have a pretty good story.


• When each player has played one card, the game is over. More cards may be played for smaller groups.
• The player with the most overall points wins the game. Of course, you won’t be able to stop after one game because everyone will be laughing and enjoying themselves.



Pass a card to each player before the game begins. Allow players to discuss and trade cards as they mingle. This helps players get to know each other a bit, making gameplay much more interesting.

Players follow an established pattern to introduce themselves. For example, they might be asked to state their name, hometown, occupation, and least-favorite gas station bathroom. Following this brief introduction, each player shares an interesting personal fact prompted by the Cufflinks card.


What’s better than an epic road trip?

Playing Cufflinks Challenge on an epic road trip, that’s what! Note: Drive safe. Let someone other than the driver read the prompts. Don’t link and drive.


Post a prompt on social media. Invite friends and family to comment with their cuff-diggety stories.

Vote for the best story. The winner posts the next prompt and the challenge continues.


What’s this? You only have 2 players? No one to vote for a favorite story? How in tarnation are you going to play Cufflinks Challenge?

No worries! Just take turns picking prompts, telling stories, laughing, crying, and getting to know each other better. You don’t necessarily have to compete for the best story to enjoy this game. This is a fantastic date night activity or a therapeutic way to strengthen a relationship. No matter how well you think you know each other, you’ll make fascinating new discoveries as you play Couples Challenge.


It’s hard to record a life history in chronological order. It’s also not necessary. People are generally more interested in anecdotal stories than facts and dates. Just record a collection of biographical or autobiographical short stories using the Cufflinks prompts as a guide.

Interview loved ones or, better yet, gift them a pack of Cufflinks Cards. They can record all their wonderful stories and send them back to you in writing, audio, or video. Now you’ve got an amazing collection of life histories to share. Cufflinks Challenge is the gift that keeps on giving.


Can you play this magnificent game alone? You bet your sweet cufflinks you can! The box says 1-108 players, after all.

Use the prompts to spark the old memory and record your thoughts. What a great way to start a riveting blog, vlog, or journal!


Who says a story has to be about the storyteller?

Tell stories about others. This is great for roasts, anniversary celebrations, retirement send-offs, birthday parties, memorial gatherings, reunions, etc.


Instead of sharing personal stories, choose one or more ancestors and tell stories about them.

This is a perfect way to teach children their heritage!


Use the prompts to battle writer’s block.

Write a best-selling book and become rich and famous. See?  This game pays for itself.


Don’t play Cufflinks Challenge.

Don’t blame us if your life is super boring.


• Good Cufflinks stories are like yummy popcorn. They pop up spontaneously, have just the right amount of seasoning, and leave people wanting more. Build up the heat with a little conflict. Burst into the action with a pop. Add a little flavor with buttery description and salty humor. Then, finish it off while it’s still hot. Not too many details, now. Overtelling a story is like overcooking popcorn. It stinks.

• Often, the most mundane things in life make the very best stories. Don’t be afraid to tell a story just because you don’t think it’s very good. A lousy story is like a sneeze. It may sound obnoxious, but it feels good to get it out. It may embarrass you, but you’ll be blessed for it.

• Don’t worry whether you are playing the game right. Just go with the flow. The point is to have fun and share stories.
Unlike home perms, this game is pretty hard to mess up.